What You Need To Know Before Watching Insidious, the last Key

While it is the fourth movie to be released, it seems to take the second place in the ranking at IMDB listing. It is available at Yes Movies and thus, if you log online onto the website, you will be able to get the feel of the movie.

What is New?

It is the latest release in the franchise of Insidious, the last key. If you have not been following the series, it might be a little confusing as it takes the second place even though it is the fourth movie to come out. It is a sequel to Chapter 3 of Insidious and a prequel of Insidious, the original. If you follow the chronology of Insidious, it can be tough bearing in mind the many prequels and flashbacks that the movie is doing.

That is why, it is important to know something brief about each Insidious film story, to be equipped with the knowledge about everything that happened, in the order of chronology with a little bit of explanation to its concepts that are ghostly.


Shown in the insidious chapter 2 and first mentioned in the insidious original, Elise Rainer is said to have met Josh Lambert in 1986. Josh Lambert is played by Patrick Wilson while Elise Rainer’s role is acted by Lin Shaye. Elise has the power in which she uses to communicate with the spirits and this enables her to help those around her who are victims of hauntings.

In the 1980s when Josh was still a child, he had the powers to astral project his spirit to come out of his body while he was dreaming. In the process, he was able to visit Further, which is the spirit realm, where it is the dwelling place for ghosts. While on such escapades, he happened to bring one of the ghosts back with him, which is known as the Bride in Black. It is this ghost which was haunting Josh and threatening to take his body so that it could steal his life and was only able to be seen in photographs.

Elise who had the powers also to project herself into the Further, thereby helping Josh by being able to force the Black Bride back into the Further, using the help of her friend, Carl, who is another medium. Carl is acted by Hank Harris. Carl and Elise, together with the mother of Josh, Lorraine, decide that it will be good for Josh never to remember about the Further, by taking away his memories and astral projection, using hypnosis. After that, it was the end of Josh from projecting as he stopped to remember that, he had such powers.

Insidious Chapter 3

Josh Lambert, a few years before Elise came to his rescue, like 20 years before the 1986 flashback above, Elise had a problem with a ghost hunter, making her give up on that work. She realized that ghost hunting was taking a lot out of her and she convinced herself that, if she continued with it, it was going to kill her due to the strong spirits she was forced to deal with.

Meanwhile, a young girl by the name Quinn Brenner found herself being haunted by a ghost which was creepy, that belonged to an old man that came in form of an oxygen mask. The father of Quinn Brenner, Sean Brenner, acted by Dermot Mulroney, approaches Elise to offer her help where Elise explained to him how she was able to foresee her death in the Further. This was after Elise’s husband killed himself and Elise going to the Further to find him and coming back, she was followed by the Bride in Black which was still angry at Elise for foiling her plans in 1986.

She could still hear the threats by the Bride in Black in her head and thus, was convinced that the Bride in Black would definitely kill her if she continued with her visiting the spirit world and hunting the ghosts. And in fact, this turned out to be prophetic at the end of it all.

Specs acted by Leigh Whannell and Tucker, acted by Angus Sampson, are hired by the Brenners. They are a pair of hunters of ghosts from the internet who claim that they are in a position to clear hauntings, and in the process help Quinn. When they come face to face with a real ghost, they reveal that they are a fraud and have no such powers.

After this, Elise finds that it is in her duty to try and help Quinns and thus, return in order to be able to help her. She sets her journey to the Further in order to guide Quinns from the realm of the spirits and there, she encounters the Bride in Black. She is able to defeat her which portrays that, the ghosts are weaker as compared to living people and that is why The Black Bride is overpowered by Elise in Black and sends her back to the Further. Tucker, Specs,and Quinns are able to be saved by Elise, with the two, Tucker and Specs, ending up to be her assistants in haunting dealings.

Insidious The Last Key

It takes place between Insidious chapter 3 and insidious. It is all about Elise where the ghosts haunt her own family. Watch it on Yes Movies.


Now an adult and having a family, Josh Lambert finds Dalton, his son, which is acted by Ty Simpkins, slip into a coma and it becomes impossible to wake him up. There is no medical reason for the cause of the coma. At the same time, the family finds itself being haunted by spirits.

Lorraine, acted by Barbara Hershey, is then able to remember what happened to Josh and thinks that the same as what is happening to Josh’s son, Dalton. She then gets in touch with Elise who reveals, just like Josh, Dalton has the ability to astrally project himself and venture into the Further and now, he is currently trapped there.

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