What is the best down pillow?

Pillows need to be as comfortable as possible as they are a part of our relaxation. Down pillows have been always in vogue as they are luxurious and also provide you with a lot of comforts. You will like a dream when you lay your head on it and it does take us into the land of deep sleep.

Why Should You Use Down Pillow?

Down pillows are made from feathers taken from birds. These feathers are generally collected from geese. The downs are the feathers that are available under the rugged top layer of feathers in a bird. The down is soft and supple which helps in upping the comfort level of the pillow. Along with that down provides an adequate air circulation in the pillow. Down pillows are able to hold its shape more than the pillows made with normal feathers.  You might want to look into a site backaware for in depth important factors. Along with that, it doesn’t have the stiff quills that are present in the outer feathers of a bird and has less poking feels.

Can Down pillow Cause Allergies?

Yes, it may cause allergies in people who are usually allergic to birds and their feathers. They can definitely look for Hypoallergenic versions of down pillows. Other people need not worry about allergy problems as down is absolutely natural and safe to use in pillows. You may consult a doctor if you have doubts about your allergies.

Origin of Down Pillow

The main source of down is from geese or ducks. The down is the feather that is present inside the outer layer of feathers of a bird. The down is usually taken from the back, chest and wings area of a bird. The best down in the world is considered to be that of the eider duck which nests in Iceland, Siberia and Scandinavia. The geese downs are often preferred as they are bigger than that of the ducks. Some downs are from bird moult but some are also collected from birds that are used for their meat. The downs get cleaned and then they stuff it into the pillows.

Making of Down Pillow

Down pillows either have a single outer layer or a double outer layer. The single outer layer ones may wear off easily due to the constant friction of our hair and its oils. The manufacturer stuffs the pillow with the down to make it comfortable for you. Some even have extra filling for a better lift.

Tips For Taking Care of Your Down Pillow

  • Wash the down pillow every six months with a natural detergent.
  • Do not wring the pillow.
  • Massage out the lumps present in the pillow.
  • Dry it out in sunlight and air.
  • Fluff it often to maintain the volume.
  • Do not dry it in an electric dryer as it can damage the pillow.

Alternative of Down Pillow

These days a lot of alternatives are available in the market for several products. In case of pillows, you can go for the ones which are filled with memory foam or normal foam. Then there are synthetic pillows. If they want natural fibers then they can go for cotton or wool stuffing which is quite good for support and also for health. People who do not want to pay the expensive price of down pillows may also go for pillows with usual feathers. Most of these are great and some are definitely inexpensive. It is best to go for something that is comfortable.

Choose your pillow wisely as you will need to sleep on it. Find something comfortable so that you can actually feel relaxed when you put your head on it at the end of the day. Do your own research and get the one that you feel is the right choice. If you want a luxurious experience then definitely try down pillows.

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