What are the advantages of having a dash cam in your truck?


Security is one reason why people buy dashboard cameras. Most people do not entertain the idea of taking others blames when it comes to breaking the law especially when it comes to traffic laws and alterations that lead to accidents. Some road users have the habit of causing accidents, minor or big, and leaving without a trace. That can prove to be quite challenging because most of the times innocent drivers are the ones who take the blame especially when there is no way to prove that they were not involved in any way. Dashboard cameras serve a big advantage when it comes to providing evidence in cases where court sermons are involved.

Apart from accidents, dashboard cameras can be useful in other ways such as capturing scenic images of mountains, wildlife, islands among other breathtaking scenes along the way. Without a dashboard camera to record for you such amazing moments, you can only speak of what you saw along the way without any evidence to show. Recorded moments are good for memory reminders, mostly because you there may be a possibility of not passing the same route another time. You are even at liberty of editing the edit and sharing it with family and friends, or even writing a travel blog. The possibilities of recorded moments using a dashboard camera are just that. Endless!

The main reasons of having a dash board camera in your truck

A dash board camera has a lot to offer. The following are some of the main reasons you should invest in one:

  • A dash board camera can help you prove a case in case of unfortunate event of an accident. This can prevent you from taking the blame especially if you happen to be within the range of the accident occurrence. This guarantees that the real culprits are brought to book and taken full responsibility of their actions.
  • Useful in recording holiday and weekend trips. Instead of flashing out a camera whenever you get to a place worth capturing images or videos, a dashboard camera can work at your advantage and convenience and all you have to do is enjoy the ride bearing in mind that you will have a full recording of things that even you may have passed without seeing.
  • Reporting aggressive drivers. A dash board camera is able to capture rogue drivers who are likely to cause road accidents, or those flaunting traffic rules. With the recorded video, it can provide useful evidence in prosecuting road law breakers.
  • It provides protection to your parked vehicle. That gives you the freedom of doing other things bearing in mind that in event someone damages your vehicle or tuck for that instance, you will have a record showing you the culprits responsible. You should therefore invest in a dashboard camera that gives you that kind of service.
  • It helps to monitor your employees and vehicle fleet. A dashboard camera is an investment tool if you are the kind of person who would like to monitor your employee’s engagements during working hours.
  • Protection against insurance fraud. Insurance companies may try to deny you compensation in case of an accident but with the right evidence, you may qualify for compensation.
  • A dashboard camera may help you to record your route as well as driving speed. This can help you to familiarize with the terrain of certain routes. You can as well be able to view your driving speed.

There is so much more you can achieve form various truck dash cam reviews websites, so you should look out for review sites for more information about the same.

More detailed dash board camera advantages

Cloud connectivity

Dash board truck cameras come with different specifications because they are made by different manufacturers. While there are cheap cameras that can do justice to your pocket, there are high-end or more expensive cameras too. The varying cost is therefore an indicator that you should expect more from the high-end camera, and less from cheap cameras. It is therefore a choice you should make depending on what quality of videos you are comfortable with. Some high-end cameras come with the cloud connectivity feature such that you are able to link you phone or any other connectable device with your camera via internet. That means that you are able to get notifications over your phone whenever there is a security event detected.

Loop recording

Loop recording works by overwriting oldest files in the cameras storage whenever the memory card storage runs out of space. This ensures that the camera does not stop recording in the event there is no enough disc space. With that feature, the camera is guaranteed of continuous recording throughout. That however does not mean that you are bound to lose useful files because you have the option of marking the most important ones for safekeeping. A dashboard camera with a loop recording is therefore an investment you should have in mind in the event you may require a camera, because it is the only way you do not get miss those important recordings.


Most truck dash cam reviews suggest cameras that are not easily visible; cameras that you cannot easily tell if they are there in the first place because they are not visibly sticking out. They are available in different sizes so you are at liberty of choosing the best size according to your preferences. The smaller the camera, the more discreet it is and that means getting a small sized camera with the important features can be a costly affair. Black is the color you should go for if you value discreetness and keeping a low profile because any other color is likely to draw attention.

Auto on and off

A dashboard camera with this feature means that the camera automatically starts recording when the ignition key is turned on. That means you do not have to remember to turn the camera on and off manually every other time you are on your way.

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