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Hayday a very popular mobile game which had its first ever version in 2012 on the iOS and after a year (2013), another version of the game was released on the Android operating system making it a very good game that can be played on two platforms. The game comes with one of the best graphics that will always entice the heart of the gamers. Also, the picture quality is dope and considered as one of the best one can ever see in the world of the game. Hayday is very straightforward to play but there are some procedures that must be followed for one to have a good score. Most players do have a problem when it comes to having a good score which can be so discouraging and this is all because they are not familiar with some tips that are very useful in playing the game. These tips are legal as all follow the terms and condition of hayday. To be a successful player, one have to always play a mindful game as the game requires good level of concentration and in some cases it is very advisable for new players to read about the game before trying it out.

Saving: A lot of new players always plant all their crops as it is always tempting when it comes to planting of crops because they believe that once they plant all the crops, there will be a very quick income but this act always makes the game much harder as it is always advisable to save and keep half of the income although it is very true that that is always a multiplication of the farm production each time the player reaps but it is much better to save as keeping a good backup will always help in getting a better point compared to planting all plants at a time. Players should always have it in mind that they will reap two crops whenever they plan one so there is no need of rushing as it is better to keep more than half of the crop for more points. It is just like saving your gold for a long period before selling it, as selling it may get you broke which anyone does not like. Definitely, it will be so much appreciated if more plants are been saved for future use of the gamer.

Unlocking and using necessary stuff: Every player will want to get to level 7 without wasting time which is very possible if the game is been played the right way. Getting to level 7 will definitely allow you to get into the roadside shop. Getting to roadside shop will allow one to gain enough gold and more of experience needed in getting a better score. Also, it is advisable for new players to always focus on getting experience at the beginning of hayday as this will always work in their favor throughout the game. Getting more experience depends on planting and basically harvesting of the wheat as it has been seen to be the giver of experience. This is not meant only for new players but also for old players that are still having a problem in getting a good score in the game. From the game, it is well analyzed that it takes wheat two minutes to grow and also be ready for harvest which makes it very easy and straightforward to plant wheat. Practicing all these will eventually give a good score to gamers. Furthermore, learning about a game before playing it can be so helpful in getting a better score.

Making money: There is always a need to make money so quickly as this will help in playing the game successfully. And this can be done by not spending on decorations but on gold. This might sound somehow but it is the truth of it as decorating the farm will not give you anything so meaning in return but having gold will definitely help in the future of the game. Also planting wheat anywhere in the farm also boosts the score as quick money will be made from it considering the fact that wheat only grows for two minutes which is the best way to make money without any stress. Another good way of making money is by selling the crops ready for selling at the roadside shop, making it possible for the farmer to sell to other crop buyers at a premium that is one of the best ways to earn more gold in the game. New players should always remember that been greedy during transactions in the roadside shop can make buyers ignore the products so it is advisable that farmer should stick with the 80% of the maximum price as this will go a long way in the transaction process.

Getting diamonds: In hayday, diamonds are very important and for a good score diamond is required as it is considered to have more value than the gold in the game. Watching out for diamonds is very important while playing the game as this will boost the score of the player. Diamonds can be made in the game by:

  • Level: Leveling up can gain you one to 2 diamonds which can be used for more functions in the game.
  • Facebook: Linking the hayday with your Facebook account will automatically give you 5 diamonds without and stress. This sounds great and appealing but it is better to do that after getting a good score in the game as friends will be able to monitor your score thereby laughing at you if the score is not good enough although this can be so interesting and entertaining.
  • Completing achievements: A very good player that completes achievements very fast will gain himself/herself a lot of diamonds. Furthermore, players are allowed to mine once they reach level 24.

Hayday is one of the world leading and most popular mobile games that can be readily seen on android play store and apple store respectively.

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