Make Use Of Online Review Website For Your Business

Online Reviews work more for businesses today than the traditional ‘word of mouth’. Today the shopping buffs depend more on online reviews than on any advice or recommendation. According to a survey over 60 percent of the consumers are influenced by the reviews and testimonials that are there online. So as a business owner it is your duty to get as many customers as possible, for which you need to, place your business on the best reviews sites in the market. There are a number of online reviews sites; you just need to look for the right site according to the nature of your business. Most of the businesses use reviews sites to gain new clientage but what these businesses don’t realize is, that review sites can also be used to improve their product quality.

Online reviews and their impact

Online reviews are trusted blindly, consumers themselves have accepted that they trust reviews more than personal recommendations or word of mouth. Another survey suggests that a maximum number of users read at least four reviews online before making a final decision; this is enough to prove the impact of online reviews.

Reviews on review websites can make the sales surge or fall, they have the ability to build trust amongst the customers and even doubts regarding a certain product. Consumer reviews are trusted more than the details regarding the product that is given by manufacturers.

Online review websites

Well, there are a number of review sites, so choosing one can be tough but if you are looking for a decent website with elaborate reviews then KeuzeHelper is the right website to visit. It is a Dutch website which is relatively new but it has elaborate review content as compared to the other review websites. They have extensive reviews of products, services, and businesses, which can prove to be of great help to potential buyers.

KeuzeHelper has been in business since Jan 2018, in case you don’t want a relatively new site then there are plenty of review websites that can be easily be searched on the internet. Looking for a review website is not difficult, getting good reviews is as most of these sites give an unbiased opinion so if your product is actually very good then only would you get a positive review and rating.

How to use the online review sites to your advantage?

In order to become successful and to attract customers, it is essential to have favorable reviews on the review sites. A lot of business owners think that these online reviews would make no difference to them but this is not true, which is why you should try hard to make a good image on these review websites.

Here are a few tips that can help you in making a good online review image:

  • Monitor your rating: In order to stay on top, you should always monitor your review on these sites. Keep an eye on the incoming reviews and rating and you can use this information to fix the issue that your customer might be facing. Monitoring of reviews is extremely important when it comes to large business because they cannot keep an eye on every minute detail, so reviews can help them in rectifying a mistake or an issue if there is any.
  • Always respond to both positive and negative reviews: Business owners have this bad habit of only responding to the positive reviews and ignoring the negative, which is wrong. Always read the negative reviews and reply with dignity. This gives a good impression to the customer and helps in image building. Arguing over a negative review can prove to be of a great disadvantage to your business. It is good for your business if your customer is happy and satisfied with your reply, so try working on this aspect.
  • Ask the customers to write a review: Whenever your customers feel happy and satisfied with your product or service; encourage them to write a review online. Their positive feedback can work wonders for you but you need to have those skills to encourage them to write one only if they are satisfied. Never force a customer to write a review, it would have a negative impact on your business.

Choose an online review site

Like KeuzeHelper there are a number of other review sites and here are a few things to look out for while choosing one:

  • Numbers of review requests: Almost all the review websites have the feature of sending a request to the customer for a review after they make a purchase. However, there are a few sites where only limited requests can be sent. So if you are new and are looking for a website then this can be a big issue. Choose a review platform where unlimited requests can be sent for free.
  • Moderation control: Your ability to respond is what you need to look out for while looking for a review platform. If you cannot control your brand, then it is better not to have one. It is important to make sure that you have the power to respond to the reviews.
  • Cost of website upgrade: Some review platforms give upgrades that have only basic services and a lot of times these upgrades are expensive. So look for a website that offers upgrades and is not quite pricey.
  • Display options: Reviews are more than just ratings and words, the presentation of the reviews is also important. Most of the review platforms have a number of display options to offer but some of them have limited choices. The presentation is important to go for a website that offers a number of different display options and which can include both videos and pictures.

Online reviews on review websites are great for building a customer base and for increasing the sales but choosing the right review website is important and more than that it is important to understand the whole working of the online review websites.

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