How Israel ensures that its graduates are all highly qualified

Israel prides itself on its successful university graduates and their ability to carve out rewarding careers for themselves both at home and around the globe. One reason why such a high percentage of students pass their final exams with flying colors and go on to greater things is the unique predictive testing methods used, specifically the combination of matriculation and psychometric testing.


The Psychometric Entrance Test may be dreaded by many high school pupils, but it remains an effective predictive tool of future academic success, and is used to screen applicants prior to university admission. This standardized test has three key elements: quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and English.

Three parts

Quantitative reasoning involves basic mathematics and problem-solving skills, while verbal reasoning is based around vocabulary, logic, and the ability to think methodically and quickly analyze simple terms and constructions. The English language section not only measures students’ aptitude for language learning but also makes sure that they are prepared for a world where English is the international language of business and commerce, not to mention most online communication.

Fair and accurate

The Psychometric, as it’s colloquially known, can be taken at five different times in the year – in February, April, July, October, or December. The results are valid for seven years and are used when applying to university. The test is considered to not only be one of the fairest measurement systems devised, being less affected by the background of the student and other subjective factors than comparable methods, but is also highly accurate, with the vast majority of those with high psychometric scores going on to do equally well at degree level.

Preparing pupils

High Q is Israel’s leading provider of study courses preparing pupils for both the psychometric and matriculation exams, with special focus on improving their written and spoken English. Established in 1983, the company has over 40 branches around the country, while its research and development department is spread around the world. In this capacity, High Q is also one of the leading developers of teaching technology, in the form of websites, apps, and other aids, many of which are used in their courses to provide cognitive, dynamic learning that adapts to students’ needs – not the other way around.

Encouraging diligence

Critics of the psychometric test say that it can’t measure creativity, motivation, or diligence, but these are exactly the qualities that High Q encourages in students while preparing them for the test. Gamification of learning improves motivation and increases the amount of time spent effectively studying, while spoken English is taught through extensive practice and encouraging an intuitive understanding of the underlying linguistic structures.

A combination of effective pre-admission testing and the preparation provided by High Q ensures that a proportion of Israeli graduates leave highly qualified – and ready to make their mark on the wider world.

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