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There are many factors that influence the web positioning and when performing a professional SEO service, we have to divide this activity into 2 parts, which in particular we call: passive SEO and active Harrisburg SEO. Both represent two groups of tasks that must be performed on a website and that can be done more or less independently, being two differentiated activities within the same discipline.

If you made your website in WordPress and you are thinking that this is something that does not affect you, you should know that WordPress helps SEO because of its structure, but that is not everything. A template (Theme) even if it is optimized for SEO will always need to go through the hands of a professional who can optimize it. You cannot get the perfect code for Harrisburg SEO website with a multipurpose code; you will always have to make adjustments.

Some tasks that we do for Passive SEO are:

  • Ensure that the site offers a good user experience :
  • Fast loading on Desktop, tablets and cell phones.
  • Correct treatment of images.
  • Correct use of fonts must have good readability.
  • There must be correct content architecture. Find what you are looking for in just a few clicks.
  • Use of friendly and natural URLs.
  • Use of appropriate titles for each page.
  • Add Tracking codes to work properly with Active SEO.
  • Define rules for search engines (Robots.txt, sitemaps, etc.)
  • In some cases, offer documentation to guide the editor in content management.
  • Decrease unnecessary requests and processes.
  • Do you want to do a quick check on your web page?

Passive SEO

A true SEO professional will know that not everything is content since we started to develop a web page until the moment we start it we should think about SEO. We cannot leave it for later. Passive SEO consists of those tasks that are carried out during the development of the website with the aim of not hindering the indexing of content, or the accessibility and/or usability of the site. It also happens that when they request this service, the client’s website is not optimized for SEO, so we have to use the code or in the worst case, do it again!

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We are experts in increasing your visibility and exposure in search engines and marketplaces, mainly on Google and Amazon. We work for large projects or brands, and we bet on the most profitable keywords for your business. Get performance to your web page or presence in marketplaces, increase unpaid organic traffic and sell more NOW

What does the Harrisburg SEO positioning service provide?

  • Results
  • Results that last over time
  • Visits
  • Constant qualified visits
  • Reputation
  • Improvement of online reputation
  • Sales
  • Contacts, direct or induced sales

A correct and successful SEO can lead to a website presence to receive thousands of users interested in your products or services, exponentially increasing your chances of commercial conversion.

  • Users look for answers
  • Millions of people consult the different search engines daily, seeking answers to:
  • your demands for information about a particular product or service
  • your purchase needs or online reservation
  • Solutions or various curiosities: brands, companies, names of people or celebrities, etc.

Harrisburg SEO Methodology

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques on-site and off-site that are launched to capture qualified from natural search engine results visits. At Harrisburg SEO we carefully analyze the needs of your page and develop an online marketing plan tailored to your needs, taking into account your objectives, applying coherence, seriousness and a large dose of creativity. Our team of professionals will advise you and give you a continuous coverage and follow-up of the developed strategy, with the objective that your website is in the first positions.

Harrisburg SEO positioning service includes:

Analysis of the initial situation of your website in relation to search engine positioning: indexing, popularity, current positioning, level of online competition, market, etc. Analysis of more profitable keywords for your business: we use specialized tools to know which are the keywords that are more qualified traffic can lead to your website we want visits from search engines to be profitable for your company and generate business!

Analysis of the competition: At Harrisburg SEO we carry out an extensive situation analysis of your online competition, studying your actions in order to propose improvements, monitoring your strategy and movements throughout the project.

On-site optimization

Internal consultancy of your pages and contents: we make tailor-made reports with SEO optimization recommendations to obtain a complete and improved visibility of your website in the natural search results. Our recommendations make your website more attractive to search engines and users. We combine technical code tips -meta tags, keyword density, etc.- with a good Architecture of your Information, Usability and User Experience. In addition, we provide support during the implementation of changes, coordinating with technical or development teams the implementation of our recommendations.

You’re in good hands!

SEO Content

  • The quality content, original and constantly updated is essential for better consideration from Google, especially since it announced its algorithm update “Google Panda”.
  • We propose improvements in the writing of your texts, adapting them to the SEO copywriting guidelines. We help you solve problems like the duplicate.
  • We can also write news or articles for your site or blog if you need it. We have a team of specialized Harrisburg SEO editors and specific techniques to position these informative texts that lead to new visits to your website.

Off-site optimization:

External SEO or how to gain authority for my website! We have very varied web resources to generate quality links to the websites of our customers, always adapting to the changes in the algorithm of Google that is becoming more sophisticated in this regard.

  • Actions of recruitment and construction of links ( link building )
  • Web popularity creation through a hook or bait ( link baiting )
  • New ways to earn linked through social networks and content platforms

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