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The world today is filled with video games. Gaming which refers to playing games on electronic devices has developed as an important method to pass time and gain a decent amount of entertainment or enjoyment. Most of the gamers also download mobile games and spend most of their time playing them. These games have seldom failed to entertain the people. Different types of games are available for downloading which tend to challenge different skills. Most of these games require a great deal of concentration, patience and coordination between the hands and the brain. While some of these games are paid, most of them are free of cost. In certain versions of the game, extra features can also be bought. This payment is usually done via net banking or by using credit or debit cards. Clash of clans is one such game that has several players all over the world. This game is usually free of cost and can be downloaded with ease.

What is Clash of clans?

Clash of clans is a popular fantasy-themed video game developed for mobile phones. In this game, each user assumes the position of a village chief, who is in charge of the overall development and protection of the place. The game has certain fighting features which a player uses in order to attack another village or town. On winning the battle, the player earns certain building materials with the help of which he or she can develop the town. While most of the players use the normal mobile version of the game, some of them have also managed to find a computer or desktop version of the game and have been playing it after downloading.

Most of the users nowadays, prefer downloading the hack version of the game via the internet rather than downloading the original version. If you want to download the hack version, click here.

Advantages of using the hack version

The numerous downloads of the hack version are mainly due to the advantages or benefits provided. Some of the important advantages provided are as follows:

  • The hack version is free of cost. It can easily be downloaded from the internet by just visiting the website and clicking on the download link.
  • Most of the hack versions are advertisement free. As such, smooth functioning and playing is enhanced due to which, the player is not disturbed time and again by advertisements and other pop-ups.
  • Most of the features not available in the original game are made available in the hack version.
  • The features are also made available in the hack version of the game. This makes the method of playing the game by using the hack version more economical and cost-effective.
  • Added coins and building material are some of the most important features of the hack version. Extra or added armoury and other weapons can also be used in this case which gives the player an edge over the others who use the normal version of the game.
  • People usually have several friends or connections on social media websites. These social media accounts can also be connected to the game and thus, the game can be played with the friends or connections who have done the same.
  • PEKKA which stands for Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins is one of the most popular or well-known characters of the game.

Clash of clans is successfully increasing the number of players by leaps and bounds every year. This game serves as good and interesting way of spending time especially while traveling. Sitting in the train, car or bus while traveling from one place to another or while waiting at the airport for the plane to take off, this game can be played at any moment to pass time. This game however, requires internet connectivity. Different players from all over the world play against each other and try to establish supremacy. Opponents are available 24×7 or at any time of the day or night.

Interesting facts about Clash of clans:

Some of the important and interesting facts about Clash of clans, commonly known as COC are as follows:

  • Apart from the normal version of the game and the numerous hack versions, the game also has a special developer version. This version is used solely or only by the game developers, who make observations and try to improve the gameplay and other features regularly. This is how newer versions of the game are obtained.
  • Certain players spend as much as seven thousand dollars each month just to maintain and fortify their villages or towns.
  • There are approximately thirty million accounts linked to clash of clans today. Some of the players even have multiple accounts.
  • Some of the top ranked players of the game have played this game continuously for around six months without stopping. Some of them on multiple devices simultaneously as well.
  • Super cell, the original developers of the game had only about fifteen employees working on the game in the beginning. The company was not sure about the response the game would get and it did not want to spend much on game development and maintenance either.

From the facts produced above, it is clear that the game has several well-wishers and it has managed to grab a large amount of attention from the masses. The game has gained a lot of hype and rightly so. Due to the positive reviews are given by the current users, the number of downloads is increasing even more. The game is ranked as one of the most popular games in the world today according to several surveys as well. Click here to download the hack version of the game.

This game helps to improve the strategizing skills of an individual. A certain amount of planning or plotting is required along with self-awareness. The different individuals playing the game form a group together known as a troop. They work collectively in order to strengthen the troop and in this way, it helps to improve team spirit as well.

If any individual is interested in the game, they can download it immediately. Whether the original version or the hack version, the game is promising enough to provide a fun filled and an exciting experience for the player. So start building your town hall and attacking the opponents right away!

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