“Does my Aphrodisiac Really Work Some Magic?”

Aphrodisiacs are a group of things ranging from certain special food, to drugs, potion or any other agent that are known to turn on your libido switch. They are known to arouse you and make you want some erotic play at hand. Also known as “love drugs”, the theory about aphrodisiacs is age old and still kicking.

The king, queen and the jack of Aphrodisiac!

Here’s a list of ten food items that are widely considered aphrodisiac along with the vital science that brings them in the list.

  1. Oysters

The number one in the list of food items that are known to spark romance is one of the best natural aphrodisiacs.

Vital Science: It is known to produce zinc and amino acids. They act as the right combination to arouse the love in you while it is known to engage in the production of sex hormones.

  1. Honey

Did you ever think Honey could make you want to get closer to your Honey? The Aphrodisiac theory says a strong “Yes!”

Vital Science: It is seen as the symbol of procreation. It contains boron which acts as a regulator for testosterone and estrogen levels; the hormones directly involved with the art of love making.

  1. Asparagus

Never thought?

Vital Science: It produces Vitamin E that has a role to play in production of sex hormones.

  1. Watermelon

All the red inside must have some role to play.

Vital Science: Citrulline present is known to provide some relaxation to blood vessels.

  1. Pomegranate

The fruit full of tiny beads of love, also known as the “love apple” has its part to play in well-known myaphrodisiacs.com.

Vital Science: Rich with anti-oxidants, even a layman knows the fruit contributes to good blood flow. The perfect blood circulation could mean active nerves and just the right sensitivity at just the right places…

  1. Banana

You wanted it on the list. Didn’t you? The shape has to fulfill some of your wide ranging expectations.

Vital Science: Potassium in Bananas is known to improve the strength of muscles. (You know you like it strong)

  1. Chocolate 

Love making and chocolate are never too far from each other. They have been involved in an intimate affair for ages. The best thing about chocolate is you can use combinations of it with other tangy fruits like strawberry that promise you another portion of aphrodisiac desires.

Vital Science: It contains chemicals that are known to make serotonin levels rise in the body. Serotonin has its reputation as the “feel good hormone”. A little chocolate (eaten the right way) can always prove to be more fruitful than expected.

  1. Celery

Not known to all, it can be your call.

Vital Science: It has a beneficial range of enzymes and just the right antioxidants to make you feel good and get you there.

  1. Avocados

Everything you hoped for is present in the list (for reasons more than just the shape).

Vital Science: The same old “Vitamin E logic”, that will keep you energized and in the mood.

  1. Figs

Enjoying the history of being a part of old books of love, figs have made it all the way to the aphrodisiac list.

Vital Science: Potassium takes you a long way and you know the importance of anti-oxidants too. By now, you know all so much.

Can food really get you in the mood?

There have been studies around the world to discern whether or not the theory of Aphrodisiacs holds true.

Getting back to its origin, Aphrodisiac comes from ‘Aphrodite’ whom we all know as the Greek Goddess of love. Aphrodisiacs are still a mystery when it comes to their functioning. It is really complicated to understand whether or not everything said about aphrodisiacs is true, but we can all relate to the basic science that is connected with anything considered as being an Aphrodisiac and understand whether everything we know is false or holds true to at least a certain extent. So, although a food cannot always directly vouch for getting you in the mood, we all know that there is definitely some science that goes into the theory. Also, no time of the day is bad to dip some strawberry in fine whipped cream and give your sour mood a sweet test of love.

The basic science that goes into Aphrodisiac theory!

The basic principles that jump into the Aphrodisiac theory range all the way from the importance of anti-oxidants and their connection with good libido, stimulation of production of sex hormones, potassium and muscle strength, improved blood circulation in the body leading to some wishful sensitivity and so much more. We see almost all food items working around selected basic principles that are easy to understand and easy to believe. So, we can definitely invest our belief to some extent in the whole Aphrodisiac context. Sometimes, a food might not directly enjoy a love affair with your libido but it might have vital indirect impacts that somehow connect to the sexual drive.

What do studies say?

Similar to studies on almost any and every topic, study on Aphrodisiacs also flies high with a bunch of observations and inferences that do not always fall on the same page. There is no rigid evidence that supports the validity of aphrodisiacs but no study discards them completely as well. It is a funny thing; aphrodisiacs seem to be on the same page as ghosts.

Just so you know, it is harmless to indulge in good food, and good food is definitely proven to lighten your basic mood; to add to it, we all love being in love and everything around. So, it seems to be a good idea to relish some chocolate, honey and berries while waiting back to see the magic it works in bed for you. You can then note down your own inferences and put them out for the world to see. Meanwhile, do not end up believing in something totally crazy. Bow down to the simple power of love and Aphrodisiacs.

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